Do waist trainers work? Do they burn fat?

Waist trainers do work! The more you wear one, the more likely you are to see results. As for "burning fat," what waist trainers actually do is stimulate thermal activity in your core. This makes you sweat more with minimal effort, so you can maximize your workouts. Some wearers also find that they are better able to control portion size when they eat, since the compression creates the feeling of having "less room" in the stomach.

What size should I get? Do I want to size down in order to have the tightest fit?

Always stick the size chart for the product. When in between sizes, we actually recommend that you size up rather than down. A waist trainer that is too small will be extremely uncomfortable and will not give you the most flattering results.

How long do I need to wear one to see results? How soon will I see results?

Instantly! That's the beauty of waist trainers – you put them on and they immediately sculpt 1 to 4 inches from your waistline. If you're wondering about seeing results when you're not wearing the garment, that depends on a lot of factors, including changes in diet and exercise, your body type, genetics, how much you wear it daily, and how much weight you are trying to lose. Everyone is different! 

After I see results, do I have to keep wearing my waist trainer?

We recommend continuing to wear your waist trainer as long as you want to maintain your best results.

Are they uncomfortable? Will I be able to breath? Will my organs get squished?

You might be a little uncomfortable at first, which is why we recommend gradually increasing the length that you wear one. But your body becomes accustomed to the garment surprisingly quickly. Generally the waist trainer breaks in after the first few hours of wear and most people find that it isn't uncomfortable. You absolutely should be able to breathe and you shouldn't be squishing any organs! (If you can't breathe, or you feel any pain, take off the garment immediately and consider getting another size.) 

Do I wear it under or over my clothing? Do I need to wash it? How and how often?

Waist trainers are designed to wear underneath clothing, although you don't have to keep them hidden. We do recommend washing after every couple of wears so that the material can contract. Hand wash in warm water with detergent. Rinse but don't wring and lay flat or hang to dry.

How soon after having my baby should I start wearing one? It's been a year since I gave birth, is it too late?

You can start waist training within a few weeks postpartum. It's never too late to start waist training! You don't even need to be postpartum to enjoy the benefits.

What else can I do to see the quickest results?

We can't stress enough how important it is to eat well and exercise. Not only will you be more likely to see results, but only a healthy lifestyle will create changes that last. 

Are they only for women?

While waist trainers are most popular with women. However, this is unisex, so it is perfect for both men and women.

Does this roll up/down out of position every time you sit down/stand up? I don’t want to be constantly adjusting it back into place.

No it doesn’t do that like other waist trainers. It stays in one place like a corset.

Can I return/exchange if I order the wrong size?

We can only accept exchanges which have not been clearly used or washed and we reserve the right to return items that have clearly been used. You have 30 days to notify us if you would like an exchange from the date of item receipt via bbprowaist@gmail.com.